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Santa Fe *PLAY*

Santa Fe PLAY is two businesses in one!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy during the week and Reservable Party space on Saturdays! 

*No drop in play at this time. 



Private parties are scheduled for 2 hours, which includes time in the fully decorated Party Room, which seats up to 24 kids/adults!  Parties are best suited for 2 to 7 year olds. A few kids outside that range are fine, please inquire when reserving. 

$275 for up to 15 kids. 

$300 for 16 to 20 kids.

 The above price does not include the trampoline socks that are required. I have them for sale for $4/pair, or you can ask kids to bring a pair from from another park to save you some money. 

Party Q and A

Do you count adults?  No, but over about 25 adults, it gets pretty crowded. 

Can adults play in the bounce houses and equipment?   No, sorry, many pieces of the equipment are for under 100 lbs, and the bounce houses are for 12  years old and under.

Can we bring food?   Yes , for parties only, not play dates. There are tables that seat up to 24 people. Please bring an ice chest if needed. No Alcohol please. Please bring juice boxes or waters with lids. Also bring small waters to drink, I dump so many full, large water bottles. Party host can decide when to call kids up for food and cake!

Can we decorate a different theme?   You may bring balloons, tableware and tablecloths for your theme, not taping or pinning to the walls, please do not take down any current decorations. Please take out what you bring in.

What if we can't get upstairs to the tables?   We can set up chairs and tables downstairs with advance notice.  

How do I reserve?   Text 505-819-3749, to find a time/date, then a $75 deposit  required to reserve the spot.  

What is the refund policy for parties?  There is a $70 refund if cancelled more than a week ahead. A $40 refund if less than a week, and no refund if less than 24 hours. If there is sickness or an emergency, I can reschedule with no loss of deposit. 

Can I buy my own socks elsewhere, ahead of time?  Yes, please make sure they are trampoline socks, department store socks do not pass insurance guidelines. Send me a picture and I will verify if they are correct style. 

Can I get there early? You may come in only 10-15 minutes prior to your party. No sooner, the space is being cleaned.  Start cleaning up and taking belongings outside 10 minutes prior to end of party. 

Can we bring a piñata?    No, also please no face paint, glitter, confetti or outside toys.

Can I bring goodie bags? Yes, please hand them out as kids leave, I've found sharp objects in the bounce houses. 

What about siblings that are out of the 2-7 year old age range? A few guests outside the age range is fine as long as they are under 12 years old. 

Play Dates

Family Play Dates are scheduled for an hour. The entire space is yours, bring just the family or invite a friend or two to split the cost. Up to 5 kids for $65.00 Best suited for kids aged 2 to 7 years old, a few outside this range is fine, please inquire when reserving. Play Dates can be scheduled on Saturdays, and at random times during the week. Please text  505-819-3749, to find out if there are any weekday availabilities. 

Trampoline socks that are required. I have them for sale for $4/pair, or you can ask kids to bring a pair from from another park to save you some money.  


Occupational Therapy


Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children aged 0 to 21 years old, is provided by Neale Schwarting, MOT, OTR/L. 

Neale has worked in Pediatric Occupational Therapy for over 15 years. 

Currently taking Presbyterian, Blue Cross, Medicaid and Tricare, self-pay and package pricing available. Please call for details. 


Sensory Room


A Small Sensory transition space,

provided at the end of Therapy

Sessions, Parties and

Play Dates to assist with calming

and transitioning to go. 



To Make a Reservation Please text, call or email for available times!



19 Plaza La Prensa #B, Santa Fe, NM 87507


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